If you feel it's worse to live alone, than you have lifted your spirit in seeking the truth. It won't bring you material goods, but will make you richer for sure. The deeper the journey into your mind, the more components of the truth you will find: helping others, joy, friendship, team, and you realize the meaning of the word "society".

Welcome to our team, we challenge the truth in you!

Hi metalheads from all over the world,

first of all, I'm sorry for the downtime of the site!

The PROBLEM, as you noticed is the connectivity and that you were not able to open your favorite website for few days. The reason is that our server machine experienced a hardware lost, which leaded to the downtime.

The SOLUTION, as you are already guessing, will be the purchasing of some new piece of hardware. I will make sure FHM to have the best one with the option of further upgrade, because we already hit the limit with the previous one (who actually served us well for more than 3 fucking years :)))

Your HELP, as I'm sure that many of you - loyal friends and fellows to FHM, are eager to help with everything in this critical moment of our community, can be described as moral and material. The moral help is to support and pray for this to end well and soon, the material - as our donation page says "every penny we receive goes back here for covering the ISP/software/server/maintenance costs!" Use this link to donate:


Last year the donations were... like a monthly mirage, but that didn't threatened the life of this community. I am and I will continue funding the costs from my own pocket, but please folks if 1 % of you donate on a regular basis a small amount every month this will not be an issue at all. Now FHM needs your help in this and every penny will be highly appreciated!